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Finding Solutions: International Partnership, Local Impact

FocusForward exists to make a difference in our community, and we are excited when we are able to partner with companies striving to make a difference as well. Ippinka (pronounced “ee-pink-uh) is a design-focused home goods provider. It was founded in 2012 when Jerry Chang left his software consulting career to pursue his lifelong passion for design.

When asked why Ippinka chose FocusForward as a partner, Buyer and E-Commerce manager Sam Schriemer said, “We were looking for a new fulfillment center to help us with some kitting and Amazon-prep projects. At IPPINKA, we sell a variety of home and lifestyle products.  After some searching online, we discovered FocusForward. We really liked that their mission statement was to ‘provide employment opportunities for blind and visually impaired people to maximize their potential for independent living and assist in achieving economic self-support.’  As an e-commerce business, one thing we thought was really cool was how FocusForward / MWEB implemented a training center to promote professional development and growth by building and enhancing employees’ computer skills.”

We appreciate Ippinka because we see similarities in our shared desire to have a positive and lasting impact.  Ippinka is driven to provide high quality products that help to cut down on the number of things a consumer buys because the products are made to last.  At FocusForward we also value quality in all of the services we offer.  We have chosen to continue to stay ISO 9001:2015 certified as proof that we want everything we do to be held to the highest standard of quality.  

In a nation where 7 out of every 10 blind people who want to work are out of a job nationally, FocusForward is able to provide opportunities for employment because of world changing companies like Ippinka.