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Finding Solutions: Charcoal and the White Box

Finding solutions for our partners is our highest priority because our partners are our priority.  This is the first of a two part blog highlighting our partnership with Ippinka.  

At FocusForward we’re experts in solving a company’s packaging needs.  With our ISO:2015 certification and 99%+ on time shipping rate, we take pride in coming up with cost effective solutions for our customers.  Recently we partnered with Ippinka, a design focused home good provider, to help find a solution for their packaging needs.  The specific product is a high grade Japanese Oak water purifying charcoal stick. 

Packaging the charcoal water purification sticks posed a couple of different challenges:

Challenge #1:  The sticks vary slightly in length and shape. This reality can make it difficult to fit in the standard size boxes and even mean that some sticks are too long or too curved to fit. 

Solution:  We were able to put together a process in which every possible angle was tested to ensure that, if it was possible for a stick to fit into the box, it would be packaged.  This process is helping to cut down on waste and save our customer money. 

Challenge #2:  The mostly white retail packaging needed to be kept clean.  The charcoal produces a fair amount of residue that can easily be transferred onto the packaging if great care is not taken. 

Solution:  We implemented a step by step process that included specific set up and insertion of the product followed by quality control inspection to ensure a crisp, clean final result. 

Glen Mackey, VP of Operations at FocusForward, is highly invested in finding solutions and said “bottom line we had to find a way to package quickly and cost effectively while still maintaining the highest level of cleanliness.”  Our employees worked the process and our client was pleased with the outcome.  Buyer and E-Commerce Operations Manager Sam Schriemer said, “We're very excited to continue working with FocusForward. We've been really happy with the quality of their work so far, and we hope that both businesses can grow together!”