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Giving Thanks Through The Power of Friendship

On November 15, 2019 Friendship Village, a senior living community in Kalamazoo Michigan hosted a recognition celebration as part of National Philanthropy Day to celebrate the nonprofits that their residents support. See this blog to find out more.

Jason is Why We Exist

At FocusForward we believe in the inherent value of all people, specifically people who are blind and visually impaired.  Jason is currently on our call list and has come in to work when we have additional projects.  Most recently we’ve been able to employ Jason regularly because of a large battery sorting project thats come through our partnership with Recharged L3C.  We’re excited to share Jason’s story with you:

Man Standing Scott Seaman Supervisor

Scott Is Why We Exist

Our mission statement is clear: “provide employment opportunities for blind and visually impaired people to maximize their potential for independent living and assist in achieving economic self-support.”  In this series, you’ll meet the amazing individuals who make FocusForward the amazing organization it is.  In this installment meet the reason we exist-Scott Seaman: