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About FocusForward

Providing Opportunities For People Who are Blind or Visually Impaired Through Partnership

FocusForward was established as a commercial brand by MidWest Enterprises for the Blind putting our 25+ years of experience to work for the purpose of developing commercial business in the Kalamazoo area and beyond.  

We provide an environment with a team spirit, and a vision to grow employment opportunities for people who are blind through business partnerships. We provide quality services at a competitive price, with an expertise in assembly, packaging, warehousing, and distribution.  We are a flexible and agile workforce with a focus on meeting customers' needs.  

Examples of our experience include:

  • Riveting, packaging, warehousing, and distributing over 3 million binders in  5 months

  • Assembling over 2,000 tables in 10 days for an expedited project

  • Repacking materials at a rate of over 6,000 cases each month

  • Kitting over 4,000 units per month

  • Assembling, packaging, warehousing, and distributing over 30,000 pieces of furniture including tables, chairs, and cabinets each year

  • 100% on time shipping rate

By partnering with us you're partnering with a company dedicated to the highest level of quality service in the industry.  Whatever the project, FocusForward is hands on help you can trust.